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Every flavour tells a story. What you eat and drink is only as 

good as the conversation it starts. 

In 1983, we started as a coffee shop stall. 

Today, our familiar taste is brought to you in shopping malls. From one hand to another, our confectioneries and herbal teas are shared with laughter and chatter, making them a gifting tradition among families and friends. 

Our Secret? 

We remain true to creating the same rich traditional taste - 

the one our family and friends have grown up with. 

Gift them or savour them, it's a delight to share, a time to bond, and a taste you'll always share.



For almost 40 years, we have produced some of Singapore's most beloved products at YiKoWei. Our vision is to make old-style Singapore snacks relevant to modern consumers and bring our local culture onto the global stage. 

We are one of the first confectionery, food and beverage companies in Singapore to produce individually packaged pineapple tarts. Our confectionery repertoire is diverse and we are always innovating with new product lines. 

As the custodian of tradition and heritage, we aim to be confectionery innovators known for the high-quality ingredients in our products. We also dedicate ourselves to ensure sustainable scalability of our business and the productivity of our people.

Our Products

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1) Traditional Snacks

2) Herbal Tea

3) Cookies

4) DIY Series

DIY Ondeh Ondeh

Muah Chee




Our Clients & Partners

Our Social Responsibility Goals

Herbal Drinks

Our Herbal Tea are brewed fresh daily

Gifting Solution

YiKoWei specialize in Manufacturing Cookies and Gifts for travelers and friends and family

DIY Series & Snacks

This has been our bread and butter since 1983!

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Opening Hours

Come Visit Us!!

Takashimaya Shopping Centre Basement 2

Mon - Sun: 10am - 9.30pm

Central Kitchen

Mon - Tue : 8am - 8pm

Wed: Close

Thur - Sun: 8am - 8pm


Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm

Sat:            10am - 3pm

Sun:           Close


Tel: 6445 2868

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