Boiled and brewed slowly with various types of herbs that are beneficial to those sleeping late, working too hard and have been under stress and even helpful for those who are seriously under the weather. It can also relieve early symptoms of flu, sore throat, mild fever and sore body. 


Our signature 24 medicated drink is great to aid digestion, alleviate sore throats and common colds, and it helps clear toxins and heat in the body. it's also a perfectly healthy choice you are just looking for something to quench your thirst and give your body a good replenishing of vital nutrients. Grab one and try it today!


It contains only 2% sugar content and the 24 kinds of herbs used includes: common selfheal, rose moss, rabdosia serra, indian trumpet flower, mint leaves, dried orange skin, licorice, fish mint leaf, hawthorn flower, mulberry leaf, stevia leaf. While brown sugar improves blood circulation and removes phlegm. 


Upon opening, please refrigerate and consume within 24 hours.

24 medicated drink (2 x 1Litre)



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